Athabasca Watershed Council

The Athabasca Watershed Council (AWC-WPAC) is a registered not-for-profit organization that demonstrates leadership and facilitates informed consensus based decision-making in the Athabasca watershed by bringing stakeholders and indigenous peoples together to promote, foster respect and plan for an ecologically healthy watershed that supports social responsibility and economic sustainability. The Athabasca watershed takes up about 24% of the province of Alberta Canada and extends into Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories.

AWC-WPAC is responsible to report on the health of the watershed, lead collaborative planning (including implementing an Integrated Watershed Management Plan) and facilitate education and stewardship activities. The Athabasca River is the second largest river in Alberta and the largest undammed river starting at the Columbia Glacier in Jasper National Park (headwaters), travelling about 1500 km and drains into Lake Athabasca in the north-east (delta).