Blücher GmbH

Blücher Technologies: a tradition of innovation.

Blücher GmbH in Erkrath-Germany can Iook back over a history that spans forty-nine years. In family hands, Blücher has retained its very high ethical claim: always focusing our activities on protecting life and its resources.

Our core business is the development, production and implementation of proprietary high-efficiency filter technologies. Based on spherical, high-performance adsorbents, pollutants and other unwanted substances are reliably removed. Besides protective systems against airborne contaminations for the military and civil sectors, we are focusing on industrial applications such as gas purification, drinking and waste water treatment and hydrometallurgical technologies.

Our adsorbents are formed from a spherical polymeric precursor material through a batch activation process that allows the production of pore structures defined according to treatment requirements. Their main application is the adsorption of micro-pollutants and pharmaceuticals from drinking water without any chemical transformation nor potential creation of undesired pollutants. Further applications are: waste water treatment, DOC-removal from ultrapure water and enrichment of valuable substances. High activation grade. Extreme resistance to abrasion. Can be regenerated without any significant adsorption capacity loss: one additional Blücher service.