Envirocleen, LLC

Bio-hydrox is a non-toxic, advanced oxidation formula of minerals chelated with oxygen and stabilized in a water-based solution. It’s an alternate to chlorinated compounds without generation of disinfection byproducts. It can replace non-oxidant and oxidant biocides with extended residual protection. It’s a modified Fenton chemistry not affected by pH, does not require in situs activation from external catalysts and can be stored for months. It’s a superior technology than mixed oxidant solutions (MOS), catalyzed hydrogen peroxide (CHP), electrochemical water and other Fenton-like processes. It’s safe to use and doesn’t require big capital investment or ongoing energy consumption.

Applications: oxidization of organic/inorganic matter/compounds; Destroys biofilm; Offers superior residual protection; Eliminates taste and odor issues associated with biological contaminants; Ideal for water systems that contain sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, sulfur dioxide, iron, manganese, and mercaptans; Gas scrubber chemical; Water purification for irrigation and increased productivity; Removes and prevents recolonization of Legionella; Alternative for chemicals used in recreational waters as a standalone treatment; Effective in aquaculture to oxidize organic matter, increase oxygen levels, and improve the health of the fish and crustacean; Lastly, when treating crude oil it changes the surface structure of paraffins and asphaltenes and prevents crystallization.