Motivated by the preservation of resources, the Claire group offers within its Connect division a set of solutions intended to monitor water networks to improve performance.

FAST, based in Germany, develops and produces systems and equipment for water leak detection, localization and monitoring: The BIDI noise loggers connected to a tablet or web platform via 4G and LoRa platforms for water network monitoring, the compact AQUA M60 device for prelocating leaks, the AQUA M300 universal solution by acoustics and tracer gas, versatile leak noise correlator LOKAL 400, the innovative PIPEMIC and FASTCAM systems for both utility location and fast and accurate water leak detection.

iJiNUS, based in France, specializes in the development of instrumentation, and autonomous measurement and data transmission systems for water monitoring: metrology equipment, automatic water samplers, sensors and dataloggers combined to an Android or IOS App via a web monitoring platform. iJiNUS are leaders in the development of battery powered, remote monitoring loggers for all aspects of surface water, drinking water and wastewater network monitoring and reporting.

Claire Connect are proud to deliver solutions to maintain today’s resources for your tomorrow.