GreenBlu is developing a Vapor Adsorbed Distillation system with Energy Recycling (VADER) to provide zero carbon, zero liquid desalination and water purification that is powered by either solar or waste heat from variable input sources.

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GreenBlu receives $1.6 million in U.S. Energy Dept. funding to commercialize adsorption desalination technology

GREENBLU RECEIVES $1.6 MILLION IN U.S. ENERGY DEPT. FUNDING TO COMMERCIALIZE ADSORPTION DESALINATION TECHNOLOGY NEW TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE ZERO-CARBON, ZERO-DISCHARGE DESALINATION AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT AFFORDABLE June 20, 2018, Hamilton, NJ – GreenBlu, Inc., a water technology start-up commercializing Vapor Adsorption Distillation with Energy Recycling (VADER), a new thermal distillation technique, announced it has been selected to… Read More