NAVEC ( is an assembly, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance industrial group with 30 years experience in more than 20 countries delivered by a team of technicians and professionals, enabling clients in construction, chemical, petrochemical, energy, cement, paper, water and food industries with integrated project management service.

NAVEC has developed and patented in EU and USA TECNOINVAC System®, a trenchless technology which consist in the manufacture of in-situ water pipes by means of carbon fiber, using a wet method of high strength epoxy resin infusion with a homogeneous vacuum pressure consolidation (

Solving the shortcomings of manual application, this technology eliminates any uncertainty derived from the human factor as lack of impregnation, resin excess, air bubbles and occlusion, delamination problems, compaction between layers, adhesion to the substrate and adaptation to existent geometry.

Our mission is to replace, restore or increase the structural integrity lost in the assets, providing the required mechanical properties at any point on the surface in metal, concrete, or fiber substrates, among others.