Micronic Technologies, Inc.

Micronic Technologies is a woman co-founded and led technology startup commercializing a patented wastewater concentration technology, the Tornadic One-Pass™ (TOP™). With nearly $8M in development funding, 14 patents issued, three pending patent applications, and key strategic channel partnerships in place, Micronic is ready to commercialize the TOP™ in 2022.

Industry experts describe this technology as a “game-changer” for cleaning the world’s wastewater, beating competitive technologies on both price and efficiency. Third-party evaluation by expert scientists has confirmed the TOP™ test results and the peer-reviewed journal, “Desalination,” has published an article, co-authored with an eminent EPA research scientist. Additionally, repeated third-party testing has validated the removal of total suspended solids, bacteria, metals, pharmaceuticals, and nanomaterials.

The TOP™ reduces ultra-high salt water (>280,000 TDS ppm) and other highly contaminated water to below discharge standards and is projected to cost 50% less than competing technologies. In a single step, TOP™ separates contaminants from wastewater reducing total dissolved solids by up to 99.98% and volume by >95%; both measures critical to the zero liquid discharge market.
Compliance with permits under increasing regulatory pressures, reduction in capital costs and operating expenses by half; and ESG goal compliance.