Pani Energy Inc

Pani Energy provides cloud-based data capture and analytics solutions to optimize water treatment processes in various industrial and city scale applications, including industrial reverse osmosis, desalination plants, food and beverage production facilities, pulp and paper mills, and more.

Pani’s range of solutions works for facilities that have entirely manual data collection processes, as well as automated processes enabled by sensors and live connections to SCADA or PLC systems. Depending on the product tier, users can implement the software-as-a-service quickly and easily to start capturing and visualizing data from across the facility, enabling secure remote monitoring both on- and offsite. Pani’s platform can also analyze the data captured to provide actionable insights, informing teams about better operational decisions and missed opportunities. Optimization and forecasting through artificial intelligence-enabled predictive and prescriptive insights help teams reduce compliance risk, downtime, costs, and energy usage, while increasing efficiencies and water recovery to improve sustainable water process practices at facilities around the world.