Smart Actuation Ltd are the agents for 3S actuation products in North America. Providing sales and product support to distribution partners and customers.

Our 3S smart portable actuators are battery powered and lightweight producing up to 1330 ft lbs of torque. The actuators collect operational data such as when every valve was operated, the number of turns achieved and also a full torque measurement which shows the torque through the full valve travel. They provide valve condition data and show changes over time compared to the last operation. They also have an automatic maintenance function. These actuators can also be integrated with existing GIS or workflow management systems.

3S remote battery powered actuators retro fit onto any existing valve to provide remote automation from a central point using existing SCADA or GPRS systems. They are battery powered and do not need a physical power or telemetry connection.

Smart Actuation also work with other partner companies to promote innovative data driven solutions for water and wastewater applications.

Our work encompasses network automation, asset management & replacement optimisation, data storage and integration, data led insight into hydraulic management and network optimisation.

Taking a holistic view of water & wastewater networks we aim to provide actionable insight to reduce leakage, increase resilience and network agility, reduce operating costs & optimising network performance.