Tri-Lakes Water Management District

The Tri-Lakes Management District is a governmental body charged with improving the water quality of our 3 lakes, Camelot, Sherwood and Arrowhead, in the town of Rome. Our 3 lakes comprise around 800 acres.

Our lakes are spring fed and watershed fed from several creeks from 4 different counties. We are tasked with lowering the amount of chemicals, pesticides and other contaminants flowing into our waters as well as contaminants already in our waters, silt and shorelines.

Two of our 3 lakes are on the Wisconsin impaired waters list due to phosphate and nitrate contaminations. We also have an unspecified level of copper sulfate from previous attempts to reduced the algae content.

We also have issues with flowage and stagnant backwaters which have lead to additional algae blooms and blue green algae.

Another issue has been an increase of E-Coli which we believe has been caused by a growing non-migratory goose population. We have initiated an annual goose roundup starting last summer and did not have any adverse E-Coli readings this year.
We have received approval to pursue with a higher consideration for grants from the EPA totaling around 8 million dollars to help address these conditions.