Triple Clear Water Solutions, Inc.

We at Triple Clear care about water. We understand its importance and we are dedicated to the science of clean water. Stunningly, less than 1% of the water on Earth is freshwater readily available for drinking. Meanwhile, more than 400 billion gallons of water are used each day in the USA alone!
These facts, combined with an overall effort to reduce the waste caused by the nearly 50 billion empty bottles of water thrown away each year (just in America) at a huge cost both to the economy and the environment, create a market situation where the demand for innovative water solutions is critical.
We care deeply about the impact water has on people around the world and are committed to giving away water solutions to those in need around the world as part of our business model. Triple Clear Water Solutions provides cost-effective and energy-optimized systems that deliver safe, purified water for potable and HVAC use. Patented technologies combined with simplified installations are at the core of our focus on water health and safety, extending from industry-leading hotel chains to local, and international, municipal customers.

Triple Clear’s solutions allow our customers to easily solve the most common, and most difficult, water purification challenges. By providing pre-packaged systems that are plug-and-play, we reduce costs for our clients, simplify the purchasing cycle, and completely solve their water challenges providing exceptional return-on-investment.