Vienna Water Monitoring Solutions VWMS GmbH

VWMS GmbH is a Europe-based tech company offering a novel technology which is able to measure the bacterial contamination in water within 15 minutes and is fully automatic: the online bacteria analyser – ColiMinder.

Its real-time, online microbiological measurements enable process monitoring and control for all water-related applications, thereby enabling a significant increase in efficiency and safety in all water treatment processes and distribution networks.

Since 2014, the ColiMinder has proven its reliability, stability, and robustness in a wide variety of applications and customer installations around the globe.
ColiMinder devices are deployed in the following applications:
• drinking water
• mineral water bottling, food & beverage industry
• surface water / bathing water / raw water
• wastewater / water resource recovery
• industrial process water
• membrane integrity measurement
• water re-use