In pursuit of creating 100% awareness of water as an opportunity, and building the water generation from “K to gray,” The Water Council formed the Talent Campaign in 2009. The Talent Campaign increases student awareness and engagement within the water technology industry by coalescing all levels of education institutions, and identifying opportunities for students to connect within the professional water sector. The Campaign also provides industry the opportunity to have a voice in water education, learn how to develop internship programs, and access to trained talent. Through talent-focused workshops and interjecting water-based programming into existing partner programs, the Campaign provides young water professionals and future water leaders with the tools necessary to approach prominent issues in global water health and compete in the ‘blue’ jobs market.

TWC is the official industry partner for the National Science Foundation’s Sys-STEM program with the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF), on the leadership board of the Wisconsin Water Thinkers Network, and part of the Milwaukee7 Talent Campaign with a goal to achieve 200,000 career-based learning experiences by 2020. Wisconsin’s water hub holds the highest concentration of water-based degrees in a variety of facets including business, research, and technology. No matter the size of your company, connecting with our water hub provides direct early access to the most qualified water technology professionals in the nation.


The Talent Campaign participates in and hosts a number of engagement opportunities each year including workshops, mentoring opportunities, tours, career coaching, career fairs, and quarterly meetings. Student Chapters of The Water Council are also active at a number of universities in the Milwaukee region.

Karen Frost

VP Economic Development


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