Putting Our Water Network at the Forefront of an Increasingly Competitive Global Water Market


The Water Council collaborates with global organizations that support common goals for freshwater research, innovation, education and business development.

Global Partners


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The UN Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with 10 universally accepted principles in the area of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

On April 28, 2009, The Water Council was inducted into the UN Global Compact Cities Programme. The Cities Programme, the urban arm of the United Nations Global Compact, works directly with cities, regions and partners to progress social equality and justice, environmental sustainability and good governance in the urban environment. Today Milwaukee is one of only 5 cities participating in the Cities Programme as an “Innovating City,” the highest level of engagement.

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The Water Council is the official North American regional partner for the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), a multi-stakeholder international organization dedicated to enhancing water stewardship capacity, and guiding, incentivizing and differentiating responsible water use. AWS brings together leading organizations from around the globe who are committed to advancing the responsible use of freshwater.

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The International Water Association Logo

North American Regional OFFICE

The International Water Association will open a North American regional office at Milwaukee’s Global Water Center as part of a larger effort to drive new water-focused innovation. The International Water Association (IWA) is an organization that brings together people from across the water profession to deliver equitable and sustainable water solutions for our world.

“IWA’s decision to locate their North American office in Milwaukee reaffirms the global leadership of this region’s water technology industry, and enables The Water Council and our members to expand our reach to water professionals across the world,” said Rich Meeusen, co-chair of The Water Council and chairman, president and CEO of Badger Meter Inc., in a press release.

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