Bioionix, Inc.

Bioionix, Inc. manufactures disinfection systems for water and process streams. We have more successful installations than most any Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system manufacturer on the market.

LiquiTech Inc.

Liquitech’s environmentally sustainable solutions help save lives by ensuring that hospitals, hotels and other facilities have dependably clean, safe, drinking water systems.

Alfa Laval Inc

Alfa Laval is today a world leader within the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. Our company was founded on a single brilliant invention and innovation… Read More

AV Envirotech

A&V Envirotech is in its second decade of developing, manufacturing and marketing microbial stimulants, bioaugmentation products, and specialty commercial and industrial products.

Watertronics LLC

Watertronics offers a full line of pump station products from single-pump self-enclosed landscape pumping systems to highly complex, large-capacity systems for water districts, resorts, and farming operations.

Lakewood Instruments LLC

Lakewood Instruments, a privately owned and operated enterprise, was established in 1973 to manufacture water treatment controllers for cooling towers, boilers, waste water, and process water.

Forward Water Technologies

Forward Water Technologies Inc. (“FWT”) provides wastewater treatment for a broad range of industrial applications utilizing a unique, proprietary forward osmosis process. The technology was originally developed by Queen’s University… Read More

Environmentally Sensitive Solutions Inc.

Environmentally Sensitive Solutions, Inc. has developed and produced safer and more environmentally friendly cleaning products for industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

Bio-Systems International Corporation

Provider of live bacterial cultures for application to a wide variety of cleaning applications, as well as industrial, municipal, and agricultural waste water systems.