Pulsed Burst Systems LLC

The pulsed burst system is a patented low-pressure large bubble provider for better mixing in the wastewater industry. It accumulates small bubbles over a period of time and rapidly releases… Read More


Optiktechnik makes optical sensors and instrumentation for characterization of particulate systems. The company’s patent-pending laser scanning and image analysis technology enables more accurate monitoring and control of the coagulation and… Read More

Aero-Stream LLC

Aerobic Remediation systems for on-site waste water treatment systems.

Covanta Environmental Solutions

Advance Waste Services provides efficient, effective, transportation, treatment, recycling, disposal and cleaning solutions for industrial and municipal waste treatment needs.

SIGMA DAF Clarifiers

Design and production of DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Systems from 2 until 1000 m3/h for pre-treatment, physical-chemical process, biological process, sludge thickening and freshwater treatment. Smart DAF Systems for complete… Read More

TU Water Corporation

TU Water Corp manufactures modular solar powered water purification kiosks and portable water treatment facilities for retail and commercial water treatment. Our multi-stage filtration process is capable of purifying up… Read More

Condorchem Envitech

Condorchem Envitech is an environmental engineering company based in Barcelona, specializing in industrial wastewater and air treatment. Condorchem provides solutions to prevent pollution to our planet. With 25 years of… Read More


Unique single-house sewage treatment station aimed at decentralizing sewerage sanitation systems.

Pellucid Water LLC

Pellucid Water markets commercial reactors that use a new approach to water treatment: cold plasma technology. We service clients in need of technology to remove dissolved organic and inorganic compounds… Read More