Dramm Corp.’s Algoma plant is turning recycled fish scraps into a $2.2 million fertilizer business.

The business got its start in the 1990s when Algoma resident Chuck Bowman began gathering dead alewives from the beach and fish offal left by fishermen at the Algoma Marina, turning them into fertilizer in a garage.

In 1999, he partnered with Kurt Dramm, who owned a family horticulture business, Dramm Corp. in Manitowoc, to produce Drammatic Organic Fertilizer in an old warehouse on Wisconsin 54.  Today, the warehouse is undergoing its third renovation and expansion with a 12,000-square-foot addition expected to be completed this spring.

“The demand for organic fertilizer is increasing,” says Hans Dramm, chief financial officer.  “There are lots of exciting opportunities.   Our fertilizer does the right thing by preventing fish remains from filling up a landfill or being washed down a sewer system.”

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