The AWS International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS Standard) is an international, ISEAL-compliant, standard that defines a set of water stewardship criteria and indicators for how water should be managed at a site and within the watershed in a way that is environmentally, socially, and economically beneficial. The AWS Standard provides water stewards with a six-step continual improvement framework that enables sites to commit to, understand, plan, implement, evaluate and communicate water stewardship actions.

Implementing the AWS Standard helps sites:

  • Mitigate water risks
  • Identify and address individual water challenges at sites
  • Minimize negative impacts, address shared challenges, and maximize positive impacts for everyone in the watershed

The AWS Standard can be implemented by any site, in any sector, in any watershed around the world. Free to download, the AWS Standard is supported by a verification system which enables verification of practices, the use of claims, and AWS logos. The verification system recognizes the different levels of performance outlined in the AWS Standard and offers independent verification of performance developed by members in a robust and credible manner.

AWS Standard and Certification Levels


AWS Verification System

The AWS Verification Program provides for two types of assessment against the AWS Standard: self-verification and certification through a third-party conformity assessment body (CAB). The following diagram presents a comparison of the processes and associated terms.








Download AWS Self-Verification Requirements v1.0
Download AWS Certification Requirements v1.0

AWS also provides Interim Accreditation Requirements which set forth AWS requirements for interim accreditation of conformity assessment bodies, training service providers and consultants providing AWS-related services. If you are interested in offering AWS-related services to clients, please contact AWS North America directly to determine next steps.

Download AWS Interim Accreditation Requirements v1.0

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