AWS Standard System Training and professional credentialing

AWS North America offers in-person training on a quarterly basis to organizations and individuals interested in using the AWS Standard or working within the AWS system, including consultants, trainers, auditors and advocates. AWS North America will also work with your organization to develop customized in-person training as well as shorter webinars for key organization staff. Whether you are an industrial or agricultural water user, regulatory body or utility, natural resource manager or nonprofit advocate for water stewardship, our aim is to enable organizations from all sectors to access the knowledge they need to advocate for and implement responsible water stewardship practices and programs.

Rooted in experience of implementing the AWS Standard, participants will benefit from real-world experiences of water stewardship on the ground. AWS offers three courses on a step-wise basis customized to meet local needs and specific trends: Foundation of Water Stewardship; Advanced Training in the AWS Standard; and Specialist Training in the AWS Standard (for individuals and organizations seeking AWS accreditation).

AWS Training enables participants to:

  • Understand how water stewardship can contribute to organizational goals
  • Gain a thorough overview of available tools to support the application of water stewardship practices
  • Understand how to engage with the AWS Water Stewardship System and Standard
  • Grasp the core requirements of each of the six implementation steps of the AWS Standard
  • Advocate and promote water stewardship to their own organization or clients

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