AWS Standard System Training & professional credentialing

Acquire the tools you need to advocate for and implement responsible water stewardship

AWS Standard System Training

Based on the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) framework and adaptable to any sector, our structured AWS Standard System Training gives you the tangible tools and information you need to implement, achieve and champion water stewardship. Join one of our three-day, hands-on sessions, leave fully prepared to advance your water stewardship goals.

AWS Training enables you to:

  • Understand how water stewardship can contribute to organizational goals
  • Gain a thorough overview of available tools to support the application of water stewardship practices
  • Understand how to engage with the AWS Water Stewardship System and Standard
  • Grasp the core requirements of each of the five implementation steps of the AWS Standard
  • Advocate and promote water stewardship to your own organization or clients
  • Acquire the AWS Professional Credential

2020 AWS North American Training Opportunities
Mexico City, Mexico – March 11-13
San Marcos (near Austin), Texas – April 7-9
Emeryville (Bay Area), California – June 9-11
Midwest region – August (location and date coming soon)
Atlanta, Georgia – October 20-22



“The AWS Training was well organized and very well presented. It exceeded expectations, especially relative to the low cost. The trainers, Dylan and Matt, are very knowledgeable, personable and effective.”

Mark Yamauchi, Sustainability Manager, Toyota Motor North America

Demonstrate & Continually Grow Your Expertise

AWS Professional Credentialing

Building on AWS Standard System Training, training participants can further demonstrate and grow their expertise and in water stewardship through Professional Credentialing. Those that meet the requirements will join a global cadre of water stewardship professionals across industry sectors who are committed to ensuring the credibility in the dissemination and adoption of water stewardship practices. The AWS Professional Credential assures the continued delivery of essential core competencies for water stewardship and AWS Standard implementation while giving you the ability to credibly demonstrate your skills and expertise.

Interested? Download the AWS Professional Credentialing Handbook v1.2 to learn more!

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