On a worldwide basis, the largest category for water consumption is electric power generation. Similarly, the largest demand for electricity is water extraction and distribution. This strong interdependency drives great opportunity in the Energy Water Nexus to impact both energy and water consumption. The Water Council and the Mid-west Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) partnered to create an Energy Water Nexus (EWN) Roadmap focused on the interdependency between energy and water, and to identify opportunities for the Midwest region and members to further develop a leadership role in this emerging market space.

This report is a first-of-its kind compilation of currently available national and global data and seeks to provide a usable tool for members to identify specific EWN applications, benefits, target markets, industry categories, technologies and products, and active companies within the market space. Additionally, this report will allow members to focus on, reposition, and analyze products and services within the framework of the growing global and regional EWN market space. A public version of the report is available below, and a more in-depth version is available to Tier 1 and 2 Members of The Water Council.

If you’re interested in participating or discovering new opportunities within this market segment, an EWN Working Group was created to serve as a platform for implementing over 20 specific recommendations from the EWN Roadmap.

Contact David Garman, CTO, at dgarman@thewatercouncil.com for more information.


Condensed version of the EWN Roadmap.



See the Roadmap Announcement.



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