Linking research, technology and innovation to industry needs

Research and innovations are everywhere from federal laboratories to universities and entrepreneurs, but they are not readily identified or classified as water-related. Until now, there has been no single clearinghouse for research and innovations that may connect to water—they were fragmented, siloed or uncategorized and disconnected from those who could capitalize on the solutions.

The Water Council aggregates, evaluates and connects emerging technologies that address water issues across a wide range of industries including utilities, agriculture and manufacturers.


  • Identify member needs
  • Scout technologies within federal and university labs, entrepreneurial efforts and private R&D
  • Engage a multi-disciplinary group of industry and subject-matter experts to analyze accrued innovations
  • Populate a proprietary database with vetted technologies and detailed analyses to expedite the development of solutions to world water challenges
  • Provide a technology showcase and searchable database for members to identify and advance promising technologies that align with their goals
  • Serve as a synthesizer of technologies, matching promising technologies and emerging research among the member base

The time to prepare is now. In the United States, the concentration of industry and employment—paired with the regional challenges in water management, quality and quantity—present an ever-increasing threat for industry. In fact, the estimated cost to business from 2011 to 2040 is projected to be $7.5 trillion in lost sales and $4.1 trillion in lost GDP.*

Dr. David Garman

Chief Technology Officer



*EDR Group and LIFT Model, University of Maryland, INFORUM Group 2011


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