Opportunity for water professionals in the u.s. Army reserve

The Water Council is proud to be assisting the U.S. Army Reserve in recruiting water industry professionals to serve as Public Water and Sanitation Civil Affairs Officers. These officers will provide technical expertise focused on the control, rehabilitation, or establishment and maintenance of water and sanitation systems for the sustainable collection and distribution of water for human consumption, agriculture and industry.

This is an exciting opportunity to put your expertise to work by serving your country and helping solve global water challenges. Watch the video below or read on for more information.


The Water Council (TWC) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) (USACAPOC(A)) to further the country’s capabilities relating to public sanitation, water technology and water talent.

Water insecurity is a growing global problem leading to instability that threatens communities around the world. The U.S. Department of Defense increasingly serves a critical role in tackling core global water issues and in turn helping to improve local or regional human and economic security.

USACAPOC(A) recognizes the complexity of water-related strategic, operational and tactical operations and therefore is partnering with The Water Council, a Milwaukee-based nonprofit dedicated to solving global water challenges, because of its expertise and extensive water network.

What is USACAPOC(A)?

Civil Affairs (CA) is primarily found in the U.S. Army with more than 90% of the men and women in the Army Reserve as opposed to the Active component. The objective of Civil Affairs is to provide governance, essential services and other support to a population before, during and after conflict. The U.S. Army also understands that it is critical to provide these types of services to people across the world on the front end to decrease the likelihood of conflicts in the future.

Within the Civil Affairs branch, USACAPOC is recruiting civil sector experts to support task force Commanders conducting civil military operations. Selection criteria are based on years of civilian sector work experience, level of expertise, and advanced degrees.

The water specialty unit is designated “38G/6G” – Public Water and Sanitation. The 38G/6G public water and sanitation specialists advise and assist on, or reestablish and direct, the analysis, assessment, evaluation, planning and implementation of systems from the national level down for the access to water resources and the impact on public health, agri-business, general industry and stability. They provide technical expertise focused on the control, rehabilitation, or establishment and maintenance of water and sanitation systems and agencies for the sustainable collection and distribution of water for human consumption, agricultural irrigation, and utilization by industry. They also provide technical expertise for reinforcing the collection and treatment of solid waste and wastewater and for maintaining flood control and drainage systems.

Are there certain qualifications required to apply?

Candidates must:

  • Hold U.S. citizenship
  • Be 25-50 years old
  • Hold a master’s degree
  • Have a minimum of 4 years’ experience following the master’s degree
  • Have solid integrity. Candidates will be submitted for Secret Clearances.
  • Be physically fit. The candidate must meet Army height and weight standards and must be able to meet the Army’s physical fitness standards. Certain health issues may disqualify individuals for service.
  • Possess the skillsets the program is looking for.
  • Be willing to train and possibly deploy. Commitment will be for 8 years, with most of that time training at least one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Additional training and operations experience will be available for those who want to do more.

Basic training and other standard entry schools are not required.

Candidates are not required to be proficient in every aspect of the water specialty. There will be support from other team members and from aligned institutions.

What are the professional benefits of joining the Reserve?

In addition to the rewards of helping people across the world and being a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, you’re also eligible for generous benefits including:

  • Compensation
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Educational Assistance
  • Tricare, the U.S. Army’s Health Care Insurance
  • Job Certification

Who do I contact for additional information?

LTC Angela Smith, angela.n.smith.mil@army.mil
MAJ Albert Cho, albert.h.cho2.mil@army.mil

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Man in suit is sworn in by Army officer in uniform with American flag in background
Albert Cho, chief strategy and external affairs officer of global water technology company Xylem, is the first person recruited by The Water Council to be commissioned in the program.