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The Water Council offers a spectrum of water stewardship advisory services that meet clients wherever they are in their water journeys. We customize engagements that accelerate client water stewardship performance while improving outcomes and reporting. Our advisory services include:

  • Working with publicly traded and private corporations to accelerate water stewardship performance and help them report credibly to key stakeholders through various ESG frameworks.
  • Local water stewardship projects with organizations seeking to improve water-related performance within their direct operations or in partnership with key suppliers in water-stressed regions.
  • Addressing shared challenges and opportunities with strategic partners from Canada to the U.S. in a “one water” approach that results in more resilient businesses and watersheds.

No matter where you are in your water journey or what level of assistance you’re seeking, The Water Council has the right option for you:

  • Are you ready to publicly signal your commitment to water stewardship? Then join The Water Council as a Water Champion.
  • Interested in a tailored approach to improving water stewardship outcomes? Set up a free one-time consultation to learn more about our range of water stewardship advisory services that have helped dairies to data centers, Fortune 500 brands to small family manufacturers understand water uses and impacts, best practices to mitigate those impacts and key insights to stakeholder engagement and external reporting. To schedule your free consultation, click here.
  • We offer internal capacity building and water stewardship training.
  • COMING SOON: A program from The Water Council meant to kickstart and accelerate a company’s water stewardship. Stay tuned for more details or contact Matt Howard, vice president of water stewardship.

Water is a shared resource and as such presents shared challenges and opportunities no matter the watershed. We are always open to exploring new partnerships and collaborations.

Matt Howard

Vice President, Water Stewardship


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