Become a water champion

Not part of the water tech sector? No problem! You can still show your company’s strong support for water innovation and stewardship and contribute to the efforts of The Water Council by becoming a Water Champion.

The Water Council:

  • Is the global center for advancing water technologies and stewardship to secure freshwater resources for the world.
  • Is acclaimed as the leading water technology cluster in North America, with Milwaukee recognized as the World Water Hub for innovative freshwater technologies.
  • Established the business case for water stewardship by building the Alliance for Water Stewardship marketplace in North America.
  • Engages with companies across the globe to inform water stewardship strategy development, water technology adoption and water-related Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations.
  • Developed a stepwise methodology for companies to initiate, communicate and verify best practices in water stewardship at the corporate level.
  • Is a nonprofit membership organization that connects, convenes and showcases a hub of nearly 240 water technology businesses in Wisconsin and the diverse water leadership network of our members from around the world.
  • Offers our members access to an unparalleled network of water industry thought leaders, policymakers, innovators and sustainability experts aligned through one of the most influential freshwater technology hubs in the world.

Why become a Water Champion? You will:

  • Contribute to The Water Council’s mission of driving economic growth in the world’s water hub through partnership, talent, innovation and stewardship programs.
  • Demonstrate your corporate commitment to water innovation and stewardship by supporting an organization that works collaboratively to address global water issues.
  • Enhance your organization’s credibility related to water technology innovation, water stewardship practices and water-related ESG performance.
  • Gain access to quarterly updates focused on trends in water innovation, stewardship and the evolving landscape of water in ESG investing.
  • Receive a Water Champion of The Water Council Logo for use in your corporate promotion.
  • See your company highlighted on The Water Council website as a Water Champion and featured in our newsletter and on social media.
  • Receive a complimentary registration for The Water Council’s annual Water Leaders Summit.
  • Take the first important step toward accelerating your company’s water stewardship and advancing the water-related aspects of your corporate sustainability program.

Water Champion Membership – $4,500 annually

Laura Mullen

Member Engagement Manager


Our Water Champions