The Water Council’s BREW is the world’s foremost freshwater business accelerator; connecting startups with resources, stimulating water-related innovation and bringing new, game-changing technologies to market in pursuit of real-world solutions to global freshwater challenges.

The Water Council’s BREW (Business – Research – Entrepreneurship – in Water) is the world’s leading freshwater business seed accelerator. Designed to advance the commercialization of innovation-driven startups in the global water industry, the BREW connects early stage technology ventures with the resources they need to fast track the creation and deployment of real-world solutions to freshwater challenges. The BREW is a three and a half month program focused on startups with technological concepts that address a specific area such as nutrient runoff and other novel solutions. The curriculum uses customer discovery to lead participants through the process of refining their value proposition and understanding their future customers.

Those selected for participation are connected to funding, office and research space in the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, executive level mentors, corporate R&D resources and business training through The Water Council (TWC). At the end of each program, BREW participants pitch their ideas to investors, universities, government entities and corporations for potential partnerships, acquisition or funding. Upon completion of the program, participating companies can continue to collaborate with others in the industry through ongoing engagement with the BREW Alumni Network. As with all TWC competitions, potential BREW participants can submit their applications through

“Our participation in the BREW was critical to developing our understanding of the North American water technology market.”
–Wayne Byrne, Managing Director of Oxymem in Ireland


BREW 6 will differ from the previous five competitions in several ways. The 2019 program will be shortened from six months to three and a half months to make participation more feasible for foreign and out-of-state startups. This is also the first year that the competition is focused on a single key area; in this case various technological concepts that would address nutrient runoff and ultimately benefit agriculture in Wisconsin.  Finally, the curriculum is moving from being business model canvas-centric to using customer discovery to lead participants through the process of refining their value proposition and understanding their future customers.



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