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According to the U.N., more than 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress. More than half of the global population could face water shortages by 2050, with alarming security, economic and humanitarian implications.

Whether your organization operates primarily in the U.S. or has global locations, chances are water stress impacts your facilities or supply chain. Customers, investors and other stakeholders increasingly demand that corporations and other organizations identify and manage water-related risk as part of their external reporting, including sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting.

From dairies to data centers, to college campuses and even water utilities, all types of businesses need to account for how they impact water resources, how their operations affect the surrounding watershed and how they will implement credible strategies for improvement.

The Water Council has more than a decade of experience in water stewardship. Our WAVE: Water Stewardship Verified program helps organizations assess enterprise-wide water uses, impacts and risks. WAVE remains the only verification program of its type globally helping to define, recognize and reward “good” corporate water stewardship. We also offer an array of advisory services and training to help businesses and professionals get started on and accelerate their water stewardship journey.

We also support Great Lakes WISE (Water Innovation & Stewardship Exchange), a business forum led by the Council of the Great Lakes Region for deepening peer-to-peer conversations, policy research, and advocacy for water resource protection, best practices and sustainable solutions.

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What is corporate water stewardship? Learn more about Water Stewardship 101 or check out our dedicated website for corporate water stewardship news.


Matt Howard

Vice President, Water Stewardship