bNovate Technologies

bNovate Technologies SA specializes in rapid microbiology monitoring solutions that are used in various applications in the drinking water industry. Founded in 2011, bNovate now employs over 40 people and has over 300 units installed for more than 100 customers in municipal and industrial locations throughout Europe. Since our humble beginnings, bNovate has evolved into a robust team of scientific experts and managers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automated analysis instruments.

bNovate’s flagship device, BactoSense, is an automated and online bacterial monitoring system designed for rapid detection of bacteria in drinking water. BactoSense continuously quantifies the number of bacteria cells, quickly detecting any microbiological changes to prevent contamination issues. Reducing the current routine measurement time from 1-5 days, down to just 20 minutes, BactoSense provides near-real-time microbial data to facilitate quality control of treatment processes and distribution systems. As an IoT-connected smart solution that can operate on-site or remotely, BactoSense can be integrated with any safety monitoring system.

bNovate is excited to participate in the BREW 2.0 program to introduce online, automatic, rapid microbial monitoring to North America.