Cimico is a company dedicated to the development and supply of innovative technologies for the biological treatment of wastewater. Today, Cimico offers moving bed technologies (MBBR/IFAS) for the removal of dissolved organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorous from wastewater. These technologies are based on Cimico’s own and protected moving bed, MOBED®, and its own mathematical simulator, Filmath, that is capable of optimizing the design of the solutions offered by Cimico, minimizing the necessary capex by 20%.

In addition, Cimico offers automatic controls of the biological process with which it ensures compliance with discharge requirements, minimizing the energy consumption of its solutions through innovative operation of the biological process.

The result of Cimico’s innovations with MOBED, Filmath and its automatic controls have already been reflected in the execution of different projects in Spain, where Cimico is already carrying out projects in both the municipal and industrial sectors, in WWTPs of different scales and working with multinational clients as relevant in the sector as Aqualia, Acciona or FCC.