CLEAN Denmark

CLEAN is a world-leading cleantech cluster based in Denmark with an international focus. Our mission is to accelerate the green and sustainable transition while realising growth for the Danish cleantech sector.
CLEAN is appointed to be Denmark’s environmental cluster and our vision is clear: Danish companies shall be world leading within the cleantech sector. We are the innovation room for those who develop clean-tech solutions and for those who need a solution.

CLEAN is a facilitator of high-value cooperation between parties, by bringing members closer to markets, customers and peers. As a nonprofit entity, CLEAN does not directly “close deals” and negotiate commercial contracts, rather we create collaborations that ultimately lead to deals being closed and solutions being implemented. We work closely with the Danish environmental ecosystem consisting of companies, knowledge institutions, public actors and others such as industry associations, financial actors and different innovation and business promotion actors

We work together with our members and the ecosystem in our focus areas: “Water”, “Climate adaptation”, “Air”, “Waste, resources & materials”, and “Soil, water & nature”. We let SMEs, municipalities, entrepreneurs, and knowledge institutions meet and collaborate towards our vision through our focus areas.