Clearwater Industries, Inc.

Clearwater Industries Incorporated manufactures water clarification equipment and provides water treatment solutions to clients in various industries who wish to remove pollutants from their process water and wastewater. For over 25 years, we have specialized in designing and building chemical preparation systems and water clarifiers. As a result of working with industrial wastewater, our equipment has always been designed to withstand harsh environments and operate automatically and reliably.

We continually improve our product line by incorporating new technologies developed by our design and engineering teams. We are proud to be an industry leader in developing water clarification systems, including portable water clarifiers. Along with equipment manufacturing, Clearwater also warehouses and distributes water treatment chemicals, including coagulants and polymer flocculants.

We have systems servicing many industries, including sand and gravel, mining, dredging, tunneling, municipal wastewater, food and beverage, meat processing, dairy, environmental clean-up, and more. With the experience gained in these markets, we are uniquely qualified to solve any water-based challenge.