At DIAMIDEX the invisible become visible faster which make your world safer! We have developed a unique platform, composed by equipment and reagents, that allow to enumerate automatically all kind of culturable microbes (Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Total viable count or Alicyclobacillus) in water before becoming visible by eyes. By doing so we solved all major customer pain point and especially the one to be reliable against the gold standard – Enumeration of culturable microbes using plate count. Microbiological laboratories, water service providers or beverage industry using our microbiological solutions, win money by being able to alert microbiological contamination earlier. For instance, MICA Advance Legionella is the perfect tool that can be used to ALERT the passing of threshold in culturable Legionella pneumophila in only 2 days instead of more than 10 days and by doing so reduce the risk of human contamination. With only one GVPC plate per sample versus 5 to 10 and reducing by 4 the labor time per analysis against the ISO 11731 method, MICA Advance Legionella is a unique and easy technical solution that delivers faster and cost-efficient results for laboratories with a lower carbon footprint.