Digital Water Solutions Inc

The hydrant.AI solution allows water utilities to quickly and holistically understand their water distribution network. Our patented approach to capturing acoustic noise for leak detection, water pressure, transient pressures, and water temperature with our hydrant.AI Device and our hydrant.AI Platform’s AI allows us to provide more significant insights to water utilities about what is happening underground.

The hydrant.AI solution allows water utilities to detect leaks, reduce burst rates, extend asset life, and increase customer satisfaction. When you pump less water, you save energy, reducing your overall GHG emissions; when you understand your pressure in greater detail, you can minimize transients, optimize your operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Using our solution, you can understand what is happening throughout your network in all pipe materials, using your fire hydrants for easy access points. Our monitoring is continuous – all day and night, 365 days a year, without impacting the operation of the fire hydrant and without needing to worry about freezing temperatures.