EP is a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment, reuse, desalination, and environmental analysis solutions for industries, environmental consulting firms, and sanitation companies.
Since 1974, EP has been dedicated to preserving the environment, ensuring compliance with environmental laws, and creating a better world for future generations.
Our 360° Solution sets us apart by seamlessly integrating service and product supply. We offer solutions, including:
1) Environmental Analysis: Our ISO17.025 certified lab provides comprehensive environmental analysis services to assess water, air, soil, and residue quality. We guarantee compliance with standards and identify problems.
2) R&D: We conduct bench-scale treatment studies and apply technologies to address the unique characteristics of each effluent.
3) Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC): Leveraging our extensive project references across sectors such as steel, pulp and paper, food, oil and gas, fertilizer, and chemical, we possess proven engineering knowledge to design, manufacture, assemble, and integrate water and wastewater treatment plants or systems.
4) Operations: 40+ active operations and maintenance through services, BOT, or BOO contracts allow our customers to focus on their businesses
5) Technology: Our internally developed APP (STEP) empowers us to combine operational and lab data to control and advise operations teams to maximize results remotely.