GKinetic Energy Limited

GKinetic provides clean, reliable energy generation from man-made and natural waterways; empowering communities and water-reliant industries worldwide and contributing to global sustainability and energy security.

GKinetic offer a range of hydrokinetic turbines that instantly generate clean energy from free-flowing water. Thanks to its patented ‘bluff body’ concept more power can be generated from slow-flowing water which is found in most deployment sites, thus opening up the mass market via a distinct competitive advantage with 10 patents granted worldwide.

Have you ever noticed how water behaves when it flows around a bridge pillar? When faced with an obstacle, flowing water is condensed and accelerates resulting in higher power available to extract. Competing devices require a minimum flow speed of 2.5 mps (8.2 feet per second) whereas the GKinetic turbine self-starts in just 0.5 m/s (1.6 ft/s) and hits rated capacity at 2.2 m/s (7.2 ft/s).

Our first 12kW unit has been proven to be cost competitive with rooftop solar, outputting the same power as an 84kW solar installation for 1:50th the footprint. That’s one hydrokinetic turbine measuring 6m x 5m and weighing 2 tonnes compared with 6 tonnes (or #250) of solar panels. Thanks to the predictability of hydro resources, the costs and payback for a project can be guaranteed from the outset.