Hydraze, Inc.

Hydraze is a water conservation startup that focuses on developing the most accurate and
water efficient automatic flushing technology for commercial bathrooms. Hydraze has patented a
method of automatic flushing where a toilet is triggered to flush based on the unlocking action of a stall
latch. This deviation from the industry standard distance sensor is designed to eliminate the possibility
of one or more erroneous extra flushes occurring during a use. Hydraze’s latch based flushing system
ensures that the toilet will flush exactly once, as the user exits the stall. Hydraze has also patented an
advanced water management solutions platform that provides bathroom usage analytics and dynamic
flush volume adjustments based on data recorded from the latch and toilets. Hydraze’s granted US
patents include US10941552B2 and US11866922B2. Hydraze also has multiple pending US and
international patent applications.

Hydraze has fully developed prototypes for its latch based flushing and data logging technology, and is
currently conducting a pilot with these prototypes at a major venue in the DC metro area. This pilot has
been ongoing since 2022 and the results indicate that Hydraze can reduce water consumption of a toilet
by 20% compared to a popular industry alternative. Hydraze is currently focused on expanding this
pilot, finding additional pilot locations, forming strategic partnerships, and commercializing the