Liquidcool Solutions, Inc.

LiquidCool Solutions (LCS) believes water is for people and the crops they love. Not computers.

An air-cooled datacenter (DC) can evaporate millions of gallons of water each day. By contrast, LCS protects and cools electronics while consuming zero water and requiring no air-conditioning equipment. Backed by a global IP portfolio exceeding 60 patents and extensively vetted by NREL, among others, LCS’ sustainable designs also conserve energy, space/land, and rare earths – and can operate silently while slashing GHG and eWaste too.

By immersing circuit boards in a dielectric liquid with a specific heat capacity over 1,000x greater than air, LCS’ reliable offerings reduce or eliminate common causes of IT equipment failure, including: overheating, humidity, dirt & debris, and personnel error caused by noisy fans no longer required.

Whether deployed in IT racks in a DC, on the ‘edge’, or in a NEMA box in a harsh industrial environment, LCS’ versatile offerings are form factor and vendor agnostic. They incorporate ‘commercial-off-the-shelf’ components that can deliver PUEs below 1.05, plus heat recovery efficiencies of up to 95% by capturing high quality rejected heat (up to 60°C, in fluid form) ready for immediate reuse.

LCS immersion cooling improves operating and capital budgets with water-saving designs that are green for the environment – and your business. And having physics and Mother Nature on your side is always good.