ORIN Technologies LLC

ORIN Technologies (ORIN) is a contractor and chemical distributor that offers in-situ and ex-situ environmental remediation strategies. Our professionals specialize in the implementation of oxidation, bioremediation, chemical reduction, and advanced oxidation processes in soil, groundwater, and wastewater treatment. ORIN can provide a Turnkey total environmental solution that includes laboratory testing, technical assistance, treatment chemicals, and site implementation.

The Remediation Division has experience in a variety of site settings including industrial facilities, residential sites, and commercial properties. ORIN’s Wastewater Division can function within our customer’s existing infrastructure, requiring little or no capital expenditure or specialized equipment to introduce our processes. ORIN has applied successful treatment solutions to contaminants including petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, coal tars, pesticides, explosives, heavy metals, and fuel oil.

ORIN’s approach utilizes the most effective and efficient treatment method to remediate the targeted site-specific contaminants. Our newest technologies target the complete breakdown of PFAS compounds. Onur Solutions (a Joint Venture between ORIN and Fixed Earth) combines BAM (Bioavailable Absorbent Media) with specific microbes to absorb and aerobically breakdown PFAS compounds in groundwater, soils, wastewater, and sludges.