Redberry SAS

Redberry provides simple, automated and precise microbiological water quality monitoring solutions.

Based on the new generation of solid-phase cytometry (fluorescence tracking), we have the most rapid and precise tool for quality control of your waters, already proven by major companies in Europe, including Veolia, Eau de Paris and Suez.

Using Red One™, you can either monitor the microbial load (total flora) of your waters (distributed, on plant) with a result obtained in 10 minutes, or look specifically for E. coli cells and get an enumeration on the same-day (less than 6 hours).

Fully automated, Red One™ is rapid, repeatable and easy-to-use: no calibration is required, the sample is placed onto a capsule and automatically filtered (from 1mL to 100mL) then analyzed (TTR= 10 minutes for total flora).

This speed and ease of use (with controls possibly made on the plant) enable earlier action in case of a contamination and faster restart after repair operations on the network.

Patented platform Red One™ detects cells by using advanced image processing techniques: it tracks and analyzes the assimilation of staining agents by the targeted cells (“staining kinetics”). The analysis is performed in real-time and enables differentiation of targeted cells from background debris (typically inert particles) with a very high level of reliability.

We are now looking to roll-out in North America.