Smartd Technologies Inc.

Whether centrifugal, reciprocating, or rotary, pumps are everywhere in the water and wastewater industry.

To ensure the pumping capacity matches the process requirements, you probably already have installed a VFD (variable frequency drive) to control the speed and torque of your pumps. This electrical equipment allows an increase in efficiency but also introduces potential issues in your system.

Are you experiencing harmonic distortion going back to your system, early motor failure, or corona discharge damaging your cables?

These drawbacks have a single root cause: the Pulse-Width Modulation signal generated by conventional VFDs.

To counter these problems, VFD users have to invest in additional electrical components (filters) which translate into higher initial costs (up to 4x your VFD’s price) and ongoing maintenance. Not to mention a loss of efficiency and a larger carbon footprint.

SmartD Technologies has developed the first SiC-based VFD delivering a pure sinewave, in and out, without any external filters: the Clean Power VFD.

Delivering this pristine signal ensures ultra-low harmonics, no stress to the motor, and a lower cost of ownership. The Clean Power VFD is perfectly suited for use cases with long cables as well as environments with low harmonics needs.