Sudoc, founded in 2020 and tasked to commercialize NewTAML chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University, is on a mission to outperform conventional oxidation methods for removing chemicals and contaminants from our waterways.
Sudoc’s New Environmental Approach to Treatment™ (NEAT™) technology is a simple additive that effectively oxidizes persistent compounds at low treatment dosages, making it a fully scalable, bolt-on solution to any treatment train. NEAT has demonstrated strong oxidative performance regardless of oxidant species and across many industrial contaminant classes, including but not limited to; textile dyes, phenols, trinitro aromatics, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and various bacteria.
Sudoc is actively seeking conversations with potential partners or users to pilot the simple additive technology to drive water, energy and material savings in the pretreatment process of various fibers across the textile and pulp & paper industries.