ZwitterCo, Inc

ZwitterCo’s breakthrough membrane technology enables filtration for the most challenging separations. We leverage the remarkable power of zwitterions to create an intensely hydrophilic (water-loving) membrane that resists fouling from organic molecules such as fats, oils, and proteins. The unique properties of our membranes make it practical for industries to reuse water and enhance product recovery from historically challenging streams.
Our zwitterionic membrane technology transforms waste from a cost to a benefit by capturing valuable byproducts, provides environmental benefits through reducing water and chemical usage, and decreases OPEX by eliminating or reducing municipal surcharges and reducing hauling of waste. The membrane is immune to irreversible organic fouling and restores performance with a short maintenance wash.
ZwitterCo is already tackling some of the hardest wastewater treatment challenges, including digestates, leachates, O&G-produced water, poultry & dairy, bioprocessing, and food & beverage wastewaters. Additionally, ZwitterCo membranes are used in novel process applications where fouling recovery, ruggedness, and exacting tolerances are essential, such as protein extraction from bio-fermentation. We offer water treatment and separation solutions that cut chemical demands, maintain steady performance, and last.