“Matchmaking has been one of the most beneficial services provided to us thus far. From helping us win new projects like Green Tech Station to pairing us up with Cimbria Consulting to help with our efforts in scaling our business, Karen Frost and the rest of The Water Council staff have certainly delivered for P4.”
-Joseph Diekfuss, Vice President, P4 Infrastructure

incomparable matchmaking services

It’s hard to overstate how valuable our matchmaking services are to members. As a global water hub, we have connections in countries all over the world, from innovative start-ups to established leaders in the water technology industry. We also have access to investors, utilities, universities and other important members of the innovation ecosystem.

When looking for a water tech partner, the best place to start is our Global Directory. You can also check out our Global Engagement page to see our overseas members and partners. Or just reach out to us for help. Meanwhile, check out these stories of how we’ve helped other members.

“The Water Council was instrumental in connecting us with key stakeholders in our exploration of the European market. They made introductions to local programs for funding with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and overseas partners like The Water Alliance in the Netherlands and British Water in the United Kingdom. Through these engagements and with the support of The Water Council, we’ve been able to focus our European efforts, ultimately leading to opportunities for piloting in the United Kingdom and partnering with potential distribution and manufacturing partners.”
-Dylan Waldhuetter, CEO, Rapid Radicals Technology

Water Warriors & Phoslock Environmental Technologies

Water Warriors participated in The Water Council’s BREW 2.0 Post-Accelerator in 2021 and continues to be a member. In 2022, we matched Water Warriors with Phoslock Environmental Technologies (PET) of Australia, leading to an exclusive agreement for PET to distribute Water Warriors’ phosphorous removal pellets around the world. Learn more about the companies’ experience below:

“There are many opportunities The Water Council has brought to us. Not all of them will work, but the ones that do are great. The ability of The Water Council to be able to look at potential candidates and connect them, when they work – it’s fantastic.”
-Lachlan McKinnon, CEO, Phoslock Environmental Technologies


“The Water Council has been integral for the Cimbria firms in pairing us with likeminded companies in water needing the professional level of expertise we bring to private investments, transatlantic market integration, marketing and branding, strategic consulting and more. Whether it be domestic or international firms, their broad network reach has benefitted the growth and visibility of our companies. It’s that type of mutually beneficial alignment that helps solve water and advances business.”
-Noah J. Sabich, Partner & Founding Member of Cimbria Capital and Cimbria Consulting.


“We were looking for a partner in Spain to help us with production in Europe.  The Water Council made introductions to economic development officials in 3 regions.  They got us introductions and arranged meetings with potential partners and we are finalizing a deal with one of them now.”
-Bryan Eagle, CEO, Glanris


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