As communities near and far experience water shortages and contamination, the world is in dire need of resilient strategies to address this global calamity.

We need a multi-dimensional approach that addresses water use, the investment in development of new innovative products, and policy solutions that will reinvent how we live and work with water. Water Summit 2016 is bringing together leaders from all corners of the water space to discuss our resilient water future.

You won’t be bombarded with drawn out speeches and presentations of many conferences, but rather hear what’s ticking in the heads of leading water experts in intimate, participatory conversations. Pushing these conversations further into discussion with audience participation, asking probing questions of speakers and attendees, will be Charles Fishman, our Summit moderator, Author and Fast Company contributor.

I trust these conversations will help us see that water issues regarding health, infrastructure, and economics are too severe and complex to be solved by an individual organization, product, industry, or country. This is a critical chance to be proactive, innovative, and truly set the path for not only our nation’s, but our world’s resilient water future.

I strongly encourage you to register for this year’s Water Summit and join us in the discussion on Establishing a Water Resilient City.

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Dean Amhaus
President & CEO
The Water Council

Water Summit 2016 will take place June 14-15 in Milwaukee, WI USA. Learn more about this year’s Water Summit here.

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