Where are they now? PYDRO

a little help made a big difference

By Stacy Vogel Davis, Communications Director

Welcome to a new series we’re working on at The Water Council called Where Are They Now? We’re going to look at companies that have participated in our innovation programs — Tech Challenge, Pilot Program and BREW 2.0 Post-Accelerator — and see what they’ve been up to since then.

First up is PYDRO, a German startup providing eco-friendly monitoring and sensing solutions to water utilities and distribution networks. PYDRO won our Tech Challenge in spring 2020, an auspicious time for a startup if ever there was one, and it made a big difference for the company. Read our interview with company founder and CEO Mulundu Sichone.

Give us a general overview of PYDRO and your products.

PYDRO is a German-based clean tech company developing self-powered smart-monitoring solutions for water networks.

We envision a future without water challenges.

Our solutions provide near real-time and accurate insights from water networks independent of power supply sources.

Our first Product, the PT1, is the world’s first flowmeter to overcome the industry’s limitation on power supply. It has an inbuilt power source that harvests power from the water flow, enabling real-time data for a smart and precise water management.

How did you find out about the Tech Challenge and why did you decide to enter ?

Christopher Dörner, founder of PipePredict (a great water startup based in Germany), brought the Tech Challenge to my attention.

Energy harvesting from small- and large-scale water networks was the challenge and of course it was an excellent fit for us.

How did winning the Tech Challenge affect your business?

Winning the Tech Challenge came at just the right time as it was in the middle of the pandemic during lockdown in Germany and we were struggling to get funding from investors. The $10,000 prize helped us bridge the gap till we were able to raise our seed round.

What has happened with the company since then?

Right after winning the challenge, we were able to raise a seven-figure seed round. With this funding, we doubled the size of our team and opened our flow research center, where we can now test and calibrate our products under realistic flow conditions.

Furthermore, we got the German drinking water certification and deployed our first pilot that has been running for one and a half years in Switzerland now. It is still sending data every minute.

This year, we received grants and funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC).

What is next for PYDRO?

We have a very clear mission and vision statement that we are executing on.

Our EU-funded project officially started in August and we are looking for co-investors and pilot customers that can help us accelerate the transition to a sustainable water supply.

What are your ultimate goals?

Our focus is on the world’s most critical water challenges, so our ultimate goal is to develop solutions that can help solve the global water crisis.

Our fall 2022 Tech Challenge is now open! Click here for more details. Could your company be the next winner?

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