“Alfie” will be deployed from march 23-29

Corncob II is ComingCORNCOB, Inc., a current member of The Water Council’s BREW Accelerator, has developed an exciting new membrane filtration technology using rotating disc membranes. From March 23 to March 29 Corncob will be running tests on their 7,200 GPD pilot system, called Alfie, on the edge of the Menomonee River near the Global Water Center, at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District HQ waterfront. The pilot will produce potable water from the river.

The Corncob II demo unit has been traveling the country from California to Texas, treating everything from food processing wastewater to actual fracking fluid, and demonstrating the ability to treat these fluids to the degree required for discharge or reuse, while reducing investment, consuming much less land and energy, and requiring virtually no other pre-treatments.

Get a first-hand look at the dramatic before and after filtration fluids in a glass jar comparison. Also, watch the rotating disc membranes in action at the pilot through a large side-glass window.

Water Council members are invited to visit and observe the testing. Read the full story from Corncob Inc.

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