“The challenge is making sure the water and the food don’t run ouT rather than trying to make peace after they do.”

Hal Bidlack has been thinking about the impact of climate on warfare, and the impact of warriors on climate, since he was a graduate student earning a Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. His thesis: “Swords as Ploughshares — the Military’s Environmental Role.” Bidlack had a variety of postings as an Air Force officer, including stints on loan to the State Department, teaching political science at the Air Force Academy, and as director of Global Environmental Affairs at the National Security Council. He started his Air Force career as a missile launch officer staffing an ICBM silo in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He lives in Colorado Springs.

During Bidlack’s 25+ years of active duty, he saw a fundamental change in the attitude of the Department of Defense toward environmental concerns overall, to include water. While significant problems continue to exist, overall, he believes the DOD has made a strong commitment to proper use and management of its own water resources.

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– Charles Fishman
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