To increase the networking and business experience for Water Summit attendees, The Water Council has provided an online tool where attendees can message and/or pre-schedule meetings with other attendees. When you register for the Water Summit, you will receive a Welcome email within 48 hours containing login details for a personal account. Once logged in,  follow these 3 steps to make the most of business networking at the Summit.

Step One: Confirm your Details
Click Account to update your company and personal profile. Edit your Organization to include a brief profile and category selections, and the company logo. Change your personal details, including your password, and optionally add a personal portrait image so that you can be easily recognized by your meeting partners. Your profile will be displayed on the Search page of the scheduler to logged-in attendees. The more details you include, the easier it will be for other attendees to find and research your company and request meetings with you. Note that your personal contact details will NOT be revealed by the meeting system.

Step Two: Check your Schedule
Go to Schedule to manage your availability. Click the toggle icon on the times you wish to be unavailable for meetings. It is important that you do this so as to avoid receiving meeting requests for inconvenient times. You can also print your schedule directly from this page using the ‘Print’ link.

Step Three: Set up Meetings
1. Click Search in the menubar to view and search company listings. You can use the search tool on the left of the page to refine your selection, or order by date of entry using the selection tool above the listing. The search is hierarchical, so the second category you select will be a subset of the first. If you then wish to start a new search, please click Reset on the Search tool before starting again. 2. Click ‘Book Meeting’ on your chosen participant’s entry, then follow the on-screen instructions. You can include a message with your request, and invite your colleague(s) to the meeting if they are available.

The online system sends an email to you and your meeting partner(s) every time you request, confirm or cancel a meeting and you will also receive email requests from other participants. Messages are also displayed in your Messages area. To view and respond to your pending meetings, return to the homepage when you have logged in, or select ‘pending meetings’ on your Schedule page.

If you need assistance, the scheduler features an FAQ guide. If you do not find the answer there please email: or call: 01.414.988.8761.

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