seeking phosphorus solutions for green lake Association

Phosphorus pollution is a problem in many bodies of water around the world. One of them is Green Lake, Wisconsin’s deepest natural inland lake. The Green Lake Association (GLA) aims to safeguard Green Lake by improving its water quality, protecting it from critical threats and accelerating its return to a clean lake.

GLA turned to The Water Council for help finding solutions to address the phosphorus problem. It joined as a member in 2023 because of our network and connection to an innovation pipeline. The Water Council is currently conducting a request for information (RFI) on behalf of GLA seeking effective and proven technologies, materials, nature-based systems, or engineered solutions for addressing excessive phosphorus and duckweed loading in ambient waters. 

To create this RFI, we first met with the GLA team and our technology adviser, Barry Liner, to create a needs statement.  They learned that we partnered with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District for a successful RFI in 2022 seeking innovative engineering approaches to climate resiliency and energy neutrality, and we decided an RFI was the way to go here, too.

The RFI is open globally and running in tandem with our Tech Challenge through Nov. 5. With the help of GLA, we created a web page with a wealth of information to help companies learn about Green Lake and decide if they have information to provide to GLA. After the RFI period closes, Barry will perform a high-level review of the application pipeline to help GLA find the best options for them.

We know many of our members are working on this kind of solution, and we hope you will apply. But you don’t have to be a member to respond to the RFI, so please share this information far and wide. Green Lake is counting on you!

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