Episode 5: Does water need artificial intelligence? You bet. (Part 1 of 2)


Computerized intelligence has reshaped every aspect of our lives — from how we shop to the quality of our medical care. But the world of water has long resisted artificial intelligence and machine learning. Dragan Savic has spent his career bridging that gap — finding new ways to use the power of computing to make water systems more efficient, less expensive, less wasteful, and easier to run every day. Savic is very clear: Wherever you work in the world of water, it’s time to harness high-powered computing.



Professor Dragan Savic, a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, is trained as a civil engineer but started seeing the power of computers to help water professionals make better decisions while he was earning his PhD in the 1980s. Savic has spent 30 years working in the world of water engineering, and also as an academic, mostly in the United Kingdom. He was the first professor of hydroinformatics in the United Kingdom, having held that position at the University of Exeter since 2001. Savic is now the CEO of KWR Water Research Institute, the Dutch drinking water companies’ collective research organization. Among other roles, he has served as the editor in chief of the Journal of Hydroinformatics.


Over the last five years, Charles Fishman has become one of the most forceful, challenging and inspiring voices on water issues in the US. He is the author of “The Big Thirst: The Secret Life & Turbulent Future of Water,” which is the bestselling book about water in the last generation. Fishman has been helping to host the Water Leaders Summit, for The Water Council, since 2016. He has spoken about water at MIT, the United Nations, the headquarters of Hershey chocolate and Unilever, at the US State Department and at the Hague. He has spent his career as a reporter, editor and author. He started as a staff writer for The Washington Post, and has written for The New York TimesThe Atlantic MonthlySmithsonian, and Fast Company magazine, his professional home for the last 20 years.

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