“…Not only to realize that we needed to do it, but to actually do it,” said Uri Shani, inventor and entrepreneur in agriculture and water technologies and retired general manager and chairman of the Israeli Governmental Water & Sewer Authority.

For five years, Uri Shani was the head of Israel’s Water Authority, presiding over a revolution in supplying water in Israel, and also in managing it, reusing it, and pricing it (he raised prices 50% in a single jump). Shani also spent six years brokering an intricate water supply agreement between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority — an agreement that knits the three together to both supply adequate water, restore the ecology of the Dead Sea, and also reduce the chance for conflict. “The idea is to make it so complicated that we cannot untie it. Then we all succeed together. Or we fail together.” The agreement was signed, in the presence of Pres. Barack Obama, in Washington, DC, in 2013. Shani lives in Tel Aviv.

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– Charles Fishman
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